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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

How effective is the combination of your main task and your ancillary tasks.

My main task was to create a music video and to construct and to contrast the genre of the music the track was representing.

My ancillary task was to create a digipak and a poster, these are both print media products and can also be used to demonstrate how I can construct and contrast the genre of the music.

By using all three of these products in tandem I found I would be able to create a synergy between them, this simply means that all three of them together has a far more meaning affect on the audience than just them on an individual level. This therefore means that by combining the three together I could create a better effect than by just having them as separate projects and therefore the combination of the three creates a synergy that is very effective.

The reason for having these products is to promote awareness of the artist and track and to advertise the song. Therefore the way in which they are combined is very important to advertise the overall artist. A very important aspect of the three is to depict a representation of the artist and the genre. And therefore by having two different forms of media in print and film, there is a wider audience being able to view the main task and ancillary tasks. Therefore the combination of the three tasks becomes very effective because the three together can be seen by more people than if they were shown on their own. This shows how effective the synergy can be when the three are combined.

To combine the three effectively I needed to link them together with media technical codes to conform to the genre ad to adapt the genre to give the appropriate message the song lyrics give off. To link them together I used several different techniques via technical codes, one example of how I did this was to create visual motif that was present in all three of the products, to do this I had the actor wear the same coat with a florescent orange brand label on it, this linked the three products together in a subtle way and helped to create the synergy I desired.

Another way in which I made the links between the three products to combine them in a synergy was the way I used camera angles, by using similar camera angles in each of the products I created a link between the three and it also helped to display the dominant figure of the character himself, by having a low angle shot I could make the artist look more powerful, the camera is looking up at the actor and therefore made him look more taller and a more dominant figure. By having this technical code in all three of my products the message behind the camera angle is really emphasised as the audience are seeing the angle in all three products. This means the combination of the main task and the ancillary tasks are very effective as they help to construct a synergy.

One way in which I linked the three tasks that I really liked was the location of the shots, not only were the locations I used for the video, the digipak and the poster very good at representing the genre of the song and run down areas but because the same location appeared in all three, this is a great advantage as the three can be linked together by the audience and they can relate the three pieces together because of the location they are set.

The advantage of combining the three tasks in a project is that the synergy is produced. This is a major advantage because it advertises the artist and represents the artist very clearly and as a three the name of the artist and album is well promoted and the word spreads about the artist. This wouldn’t be done if it were just the music video as people may watch the video and not know who is singing in it, this poses a big problem as the whole aim of it is to make sales, therefore by having visual motifs that link the video to the poster upon which has the name of the artist and album on it, this will educate the reader to the name and album and even where to follow the artist on social networking cites such as facebook and twitter, but more importantly it will tell them exactly where they can buy the product online (itunes), so essentially the video draws the customer in with the song and the representations, the poster educates as to the name ad where to get it and finally the digipak is there to appeal to the audience and even passers by, especially those who are into the music genre of the artist, for example in the genre of my track (British hip hop) a fan of the genre may be in a music store for example and see the front cover of my digipak, he will automatically assume the genre of the music because of the representations he interprets through connotations and denotations he has made from the mis-en-scene I created in the digipak, this is also the same for the poster and the video, I would like to think that any passer by who know about music would be able to watch without sound and be able to tell me the genre of the music.

There are however some aspects of my projects that weren’t so effective together, the main example is the colour schemes in which I used. I used a black and white shot in the digipak but a colour shot in the poster, the two when put next to each other have a distinguished contrast which isn’t very effective when trying to link them together to create a synergy, this is because I feel people may fail to relate the two pieces together at first glance and therefore it may be likely that people walking past a poster and noticing it wont relate it to the digipak and vice versa therefore these people may not be familiar with the product and are less likely to buy it. This is very bad as the whole point of the tasks is to advertise the artist and the track and because of the clash in colours they may not be as effective together when combined.

In conclusion I think the combination of the main task and the two ancillary tasks was very effective, this is because they created a synergy and as a whole represent the genre very well, I would however do it slightly differently in the future, this is because there are parts of the products I don’t like, for example the colour clashes, and therefore in the future I would make sure all the colours are either the same or compliment each other and are similar to each other. Apart from smaller details like this is feel the products combine really well and overall the project was a success.

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