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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

How to edit my Poster

In the past i have done plenty of editing on video formats but ever have I needed to edited a still image.

I was obviously aware of the famous adobe Photoshop software but i wanted something a bit more simple to get started with.

I had a search on the internet and found a lovely website called picnic that lets you edit your photo's online and then simply save them as an edited format back onto your hard drive!!

It does however limit you to a certain amount of effects so therefore I had to go back to Photoshop to add all the extra bits.

Here is where I am so far:


Making a poster is a key concept of selling my artists singles, with a good poster comes a brand image of the artist, this is key in making the artist popular.

You can recognise many artists by visual motif's found in their posters alone, this is why it is important to make a great poster.

I am currently researching into other artists of the same genre's posters. An artist called Devlin has caught my eye with very similar posters to which I can create but I'm sure I can put an interesting twist to create an independent image of my artist.

Below are a couple of examples:

Wednesday, 9 November 2011


This is my anamatic for my video, essentially it is the shots i will be filming that i have drawn out and edited together along with the track.

This is going to be very useful for when i come to filming because i will know exactly how long each shot needs to be and it will be very hard for me to forget any shots that i may of done without any prior planning.

Having this anamatic will make the filming side of the project very easy and it is a great way of organising everything.