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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Digipak making.

My digipak is a 4 pannel digipak with a front and back cover and two inside pannels of which one of these holds the CD itself.

The front pannel is an image of the artist with his leg bent up against the wall, i did a lot of research to identify a good idea for the front cover that matches the genre of the track. I have seen a few oher british hip hop artists that do a similar thing in their posters and front covers.

If you look further down my blog you will see examples.

This is the finished product of my digipak front cover:

The back cover was a slightly difficult one to do.

I had to do a track list that fitted the genre and that would fit in the list that would fit onto one line as to not ruin the flow of the context.

I also did some research into what to write at the bottom as regards to copyright etc.

Here is the finished back cover of my digipak:

The middle pannel that holds the disc i kept very simple as having lots of writing and special effects would be wasted as the CD will be covering it most of the time. I therefore added a stensel from a graffiti photograph i had taken and this image features in my video and will act as a visual motif for the arist in future videos.

Here is the finished article for the CD pannel.

The other middle pannel is my favourite but also one of the hardest to do. I have done quite a lot of research and all of the ones i have looked at have had completely different things! I got the image for the pannel from a photograph i took when doing my first video shoot. It is of a gate with graffiti on it and it fits the genre perfectly!

As it is a blak canvass except for the writing it made it really easy to sharpen the image and put on effects to make the image look even more proffessional.

The writing I added was hard to think of and I kept it very simple to make it fit the genre and to fit the image well.

Here is the finished middle pannel:

When all added together it looks like this:

Genres in music videos.

Music videos hugely differentiate depending on genres, we can usually tell what genre the music is from by watching the video without sound. This is because genres tend to follow a trend, for example a hip hop/rap video will normally feature a run down area and can often have a black and white effect. An example of this is a video by Jay-z called "99 problems"

The Black Box

At the bottom of the poster is the black line with the sponsors and social networking sites.

I had to do a lot of research into what to use in this box.

A couple of them were obvious to me as they are the most popular social networking sites in the world and billions of people use it and potentially have access to the product.

This is how i have advertised twitter and facebook on my website and the aim of this is for people to see these signs and instantly recognise them and therefore search for the artist of the websites.

Then i had to add the record label and itunes label to the sponsor line.
I used itunes because it is hugely renound as the best online music store in the world. I did research by asking family and friends about the way in which they listened to their music. I asked the simple question "do you or a family member own an apple product that can connect to itunes?" everyone i asked said yes and almost everyone i asked said every family member has equipment that connects to itunes.

As a result it was a simple choice as to put this into my sponsor line.

MODrecords is the record company i have invented that is owned by the artist himself and 1st blood records is the independant hip hop record label that is producing the music.