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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

evaluation 6

What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

our first problem was the way in which we were going to film the scenes, as one of our key shots was a party scene with a point of view shot. The scene is in the protagonists dream and we needed to portray this aswell. we took inspiration from a tv comedy called peep show.

Here is a link to a popular brittish sit com called peep show:

We sort of jumped into the filming without being too sure about how to film the POV shots, we watched a few programmes and found peep show which is all filmed in POV. So we looked at how they filmed it, They were using top of the range cameras and we couldn't affored them and they would not work to our film brief of an independant film.

I then took inspiratioin from the extreme sports channel where the snowboarders clip cameras to their helmets and board down the mountain, so this was something we could do. We therefore attached our camera to a builders helmet in order to create a realistic POV shot.

Above is a picture of a filming device we took inspiration from.

This picture above if the device that we came up with to film the party scene and the scene in the sixth form.It is verymakeshift but is perfect for creating a realistic image and shows that it is an independant film with little funding.

We also needed to come to terms with some more advanced editing, for example we needed to put a reverb on the sound for the party scene to make the audio sound like it is a dream. We also needed to do some clever cutting and editting to make the scenes run smoothly and converge seemlessly. This means we learned a lot about the adobe premier pro technology for editing the scenes together.

We used a simple hand held camera to film the POV shot which was simple and easy to use with an auto focus which made it very simple for us to do our party scene as there was little to go wrong and we could not actually see what we were filming so we learned to keep it simple when using technology for complicated shots!

For the other scenes we used a more high tech camera which rested on the shoulder of the cameraman. It was large and bulky and we found it hard at first to get used to the size of it. It had an auto focus as well as a manual focus and we used both to film the scene in the bedroom. We used the manual focus to create a blurred image behind the alarm clock and it took a while for us to understand how to use it but it looked really good once we worked it out.

We learnt a lot about technologies in the process of making our fim openings. From the editing process to being able to adapt simple things to create good images that we wanted.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

evaluation 7

7. Looking back at your preliminary task (the continuity editing task), what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to full product?

Above is the preliminary task i did in a seperate group earlier in the year.

Above is the Completed film opening.

I feel that I have learnt a huge amount from the preliminary task. I think that it dawned on me how hard it was to create even such a small film as the one we did for the preliminary task and I think I learnt that you need to do a lot of work and planning to make the idea look good and be successful.

The preliminary task was all about continuity and I think that we used the experience of making that video to make sure there were no continuity errors in any of the shots that we filmed for the film opening and I think that our attention to detail was key in doing this.

I think the main thing that I learnt from doing the preliminary task was the shots that work in different places, for example the zoom shot right at the start of the preliminary shot is not very good and I don't think that it works very well, because of this we did not use the zoom feature in any of the shots that we filmed for our film opening.

Other shots we used poorly in the preliminary task were the close shots and the mid shots. In the film opening we used these very well and especially the way we used the establishing shot that I have never used before in the first part of the bedroom scene to link to the extreme close up on Dan's face, I think this works very well!

The sound in my preliminary task was terrible and for this reason I was cautious whenever we were using sound because I learnt that even the slightest noises are picked up on the highly sensitive recording equipment, because of this we recorded a dub over of the narration to make sure the sound was perfect and I think this made the opening very good.

One of the main problems in my preliminary peice was that the actors were not properly briefed and this is because we did not plan the storyboards well enough and we did not prepare the scripts and actors for what they had to do, and for this reason they found it very hard to do and the end result suffered because of it, because of this I learnt to plan properly and to make sure we organise the actors well and make sure they know excactly what to do.