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Friday, 6 January 2012


I started my poster a long while ago and found problems with every picture, edit and effect I used.

It all started with the picture i wanted to use of the artist stood against a wall with one of his legs flat against the wall, I got the idea for this shot from many posters i have seen before with artists like Devlin and chipmunk with the same pose.

Underneath is the original photo i aimed to use:

The shot itself is of good enough quality to be made into a poster but because of the graffiti in the background it became impossible to put font into the picture that was visable without having to put effects of it that would make the image look over edited and not very effective.

Below is the only way in which i could make the font visable.

As you can see it just does not look anywhere near good enough to get into the band of marks i intend to get into.

So i moved onto a new picture with new problems.

Below is the original image i am currently editing.

It is a close mid shot of the character looking below the camera and is of good quality.

I cropped, zoomed and sharpened the image to produce the size needed for an A4 poster, you can also see i have removed the unneeded colours in the background that made the image look unprofessional.

I have done further edits in Photoshop and added fonts:

I then added the sponsors in a black bar at the bottom of the poster:

I made a few modifications to the lighting on his face and added the sponsors on the bottom. This is almost the finished article.